AI Automation For Real Estate

Add breakpoints to your blank page, then drop sections to have them responsive out of the box.

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How can AI Automate Real Estate?

There are many usefull AI tools for real estate…

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AI Chatbot For Real Estate

Connect your site to the most popular apps out there.

AI Workflow Automation

Add effects with a few clicks and capture your audience’s attention when they land on your website.

AI Database

Design your site on a familiar free-form canvas. Visually set up your breakpoints to make it responsive.

AI Property Managment

Visually structure your pages and link to them easily.


What is Framer?

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Do I need to code?


Thanks to the AI Acquaintance team our agency was able to streamline operations and increase efficiency by 25% over 90 days. Thanks to them for implementing these AI solutions.

Kayla Ray


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